"Your Dog's Home Away From Home"

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About Us

     When I was a kid dogs and cats would walk up to me as I was walking down the street. I would sit down where I was and pet them and talk to them. I thought everyone did this until I was much older and realized it was my gift. Now I use the gift of communicating with your dog to make him/her comfortable at Abby's Dog House.
     Every day I am in the Dog House at 6:00 am. I walk the few short steps from my house to the kennel. All the "guests" are fed separately; the entire kennel, inside and out, is cleaned; and then I am free to play with and cuddle with my guests. Sometimes we watch a movie and we sit on the couch together with as many of my guests as can fit on my lap, beside me, at my head, or at my feet. Sometimes the movie is dull and then there is plenty of napping.
     Starting at around 4:00 pm I begin to feed everyone, again separately. After this I walk home and feed my dogs and myself, and spend a little quality time with my fur babies. In the evening at around 8:00 pm I go back out to the kennel and shut all the doors to the yard and make sure everyone is ready for sleep. By then all activity has ceased, and my guests have chosen their beds, and are ready to say goodnight.
     In the morning we start over.  All through the day we welcome new guests and say goodbye to those who are going home.
     I encourage you to call, and make an appointment to come meet me, and see what it is that I am doing. Please bring your dog so we can see if we are a good fit for him/her. We are one big happy family every day!
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